Great Recipes and tips for grilling on the Big Green Egg and your favorite barbi!….shared and illustrated by Michael Sargent


Michael D. Sargent

Michael has always enjoyed grilling and cooking, starting as youngster out in Long Island, mostly enjoying the fresh seafood from stripers, swordfish, smoked clams and mussels to a nice grilled blue fin tuna steak. As a newlywed, he and his wife worked with a high-end caterer in Fairfield. His interests in cooking grew both independently and as a couple, as his wife Jennifer joined the staff of The Pleasures of Cooking, a publication produced by the Cuisinart Company in Greenwich, Ct. In later years, having pursued his profession in insurance brokerage, he and Jennifer purchased a specialty foods store and establish their own high-end catering business, which they successfully ran for 5 years on Cape Cod.  He writes and illustrates his grilling experiences on the Big Green Egg through Facebook and on the The Green Egg and I.com.  Other cooking recipes and experiences are chronicled under his blog michaeldsargent.com.  “Tasty Morsels”. In addition, you can meet Michael first hand by viewing his taped cooking videos for the “Taste of  Times”, Grilled Calamari, and Seared Tuna, two of his favorite’s, enjoy!

Over the past year Michael and Jennifer have  relocated to the Seattle area in Washington State where they have been  exploring and venturing out to all the food festivals and markets learning about the diverse culinary treats of the area. Michael is continually looking to new cooking approaches and refinements of old techniques on the The Big Green Egg with exciting recipes to share.  A trip to France provided by their son between deployments, also a cooking enthusiast, opened broad new horizon’s of incredible dishes with fresh herbs and vegetables, poultry, seafood, beef, pork and lamb enhanced with delicate sauces enriched with homemade stocks that would compel even the greatest food skeptic to take note. The trip was well documented and proposes to be a daunting task for a later writing and illustration project … Michael continues to venture out of the box always looking for new projects and opportunities while writing and being “out and about”.

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5 responses to “About

  1. M.C.

    Gotta try this~!

  2. Alexis Morledge

    Hi Michael,
    Happened to come across your website & a few videos – would love to connect and help to share your news/stories on the Green Vale website and alumni magazine, The Voice. Hope to hear from you.
    Alexis Morledge, Director of Alumni Relations amorledge@greenvaleschool.org

  3. Brandon

    Dear Mr. Sargent,
    Thanks for coming over and enjoying my BBQ. Cant wait to learn more about my smoker.
    Brandon and Michelle McIntosh

  4. “About | The Green Egg & I” ended up being a really excellent posting, .
    I hope you keep publishing and I am going to keep on viewing!
    Many thanks ,Tomas

    • How nice of you to offer such praise….I am passionate about the whole aura of grilling…there’s nothing better and when looking and exploring to all that you can cook and do and flavors that you can impart on guests starting with hor’duerves leading into main dishes with veggies, etc they all hover around the grill like gnats to honey…..I intend to start writing about more experiences with so much to share so stay posted and be sure hit he like button for FB…to get updates…..all the best, Michael

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